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Friday, August 22, 2014


   I am apart of a 4-H club and this summer we had a local fair.  I went to 4-H day just to see what it was and it was pretty fun. We made tye-dye shirts, made slime (which was kinda gross) and we toured the animal barns. There was the Beef barn, Poultry barn, Swine barn, and the Rabbit barn. In the rabbit barn there was a lady named Kate and was selling baby bunnies for $5.00 a piece which was a great price considering that their father and mother received best of show awards in the fair. I went to go tell my Mom and talk her into it and she said yes. We picked one out then we took her home and then we went back to pay the lady. On the way back my Mom said "do you think the bunny would happier with her sister?" I said "yeah I think she would it would give her someone to play with." Then we adopted another bunny and paid the lady $10 for both bunnies. We now have Dolly and Dixie the brand new baby bunnies another new addition to the family. I sware there's more animals here than people !!!!!!! :)  


Lots of love, Christine Blue


  1. love hearing about all your new family members!

  2. LOL! This is Jordan and your rabbits are


    Wow I sound like a mutated adolescent chick. ANYHOOSERS, I hope your little bunnies do alright!

  3. Also, you must really like cute things.