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Saturday, July 11, 2015


Hey guys,

    Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Well now I am 13, on June 18th I was born. My parents saw me for the first time on the 18th and their world was forever changed. It is very exciting to look back onto the past and have my parents tell me about my birthday. My life has been the life of a Christian girl. Now I can call my self a teen of Christ. Thanks for reading !

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Hunting Trip With My Dad

        Today I went on a hunting trip with my Dad. I had to get up really early I didn't like that ,you know teenagers we don't like to get up before 9:30 or at least I don't :). We got at 6:30 or so and got all our long johns, socks, camouflage  pants, coats, and hats. Then we came down stairs and got some pop tarts and turkey sandwiches for lunch. and headed out at about 7:00 am (soooo early). To be honest I still wasn't all the way awake. We hopped in the Black Pearl (our black suburban we like to call it the black pearl). We made sure that we had everything 22 shot gun (Check !) Me and My Dad (Check!) lunch cooler (Check !) My hunting knife (Check !). We were all set, so we headed up to the state forest and looked for a spot to hunt. We found a spot and started walking and looking for squirrel nest and rabbits and every other small game animal we could find. While we were walking we saw some animal tracks like deer poop and deer tracks, turkey feathers, raccoon poop, and some squirrel nests. We walked for an hour or so and saw nothing ohh it was so disappointing. We found another place to hunt though, and we probably walked there for hour and a half or so, and saw two squirrels so that was pretty exciting. through out the whole day we saw lots of tracks from animals and saw two squirrels. Even though we didn't get to shot any squirrels or rabbits or anything, I had lots of fun with my dad, we got to spend lots of time together. It was so much fun to go out into God's creation and just enjoy it.
-Christine Blue

Friday, December 5, 2014

A Story of Determination


     Once upon a time there was a snow girl named Pepp, it was short for Peppermint. Pepp had a dream she wanted to go to the Bahamas for her snow school Christmas break . She asked her parents if they could go there and they said "No !"  "You would surely melt as soon as you get there" then they walked away to get some hot cocoa. The next day she went to snow school with her sister Minty, her brother Frost (his real name is Jack and his middle name Frost) and Pepp's friends Snowy, Kandy and Kandace ( Kandy and Kandace are twins). On their way to snow school Pepp asked her friends what the Bahamas are like. They said " We don't know we have never been there and why do you want to know anyway do you wanna go there ?? Well you cant you will surely melt as soon as you get there, nice try though." Pepp was so upset she never thought she would accomplish her dream  but she kept on trying. One day after Christmas break started she went to her Grandmother named Mrs. Snowflake (Mrs. Snowflake was very old she was 99 years old) and talked to her Grandmother. She asked for some advise about the Bahamas and her Grandmother said "Sure I have been there it is beautiful." "How did you get there ? I want to go so bad it is my absolute dream, if I don't accomplish it I will die of despair." (Oh yeah I forgot to tell you Pepp is very dramatic)" Oh girlie you don't even know how you remind me of when I was a child."  Her Grandmother said. " Oh Grandma come on tell me how you got there" Pepp said. " Okay okay I will, let me get my glasses first." She got her glasses on and started to tell the story. Now for you kids this is when you should get a parent to read you the story along with a blanket, a pillow, and a stuffed animal and get all warm cozy with some hot cocoa and listen to what Mrs. Snowflake says to Pepp. "Alright Girlie where should I start? How about the beginning, alright then here we go."


      I was about your age Pepp, maybe 8 or 9 years old and I wanted to go to the Caribbean and the Bahamas just like you.  So I asked my parents, which would have been your Great Grand Parents, but anyhoo.... I asked and asked and asked but every time they said No you will surely melt. It got me down but I kept on chugging.  I asked my friends but they said the same thing. Finally I could not take it anymore it was my dream too Pepp. I thought I couldn't do it , I was discouraged too.  Then one day I met a fairy named Auriella (Ah-ree- el-a).  I bumped into her by accident and caused her to drop her things. I helped her pick up her things and said "sorry" and we walked away. She would have flown but her wing got crinkled when I bumped her, oops.  We kept going about our business but then I thought maybe she could help me. So I called her over but only called her "Miss fairy". She yelled out, "I have a name and what do you want? I remember Auriella being a little sassy.   I explained to her that I wanted to go to they Bahamas to see what it is like. To be honest I was a little scared, I thought she would laugh at me because I am a snow person, duh.... But she said "Oh okay  that is not so hard to accomplish I will just give you a sprinkle of pixie dust and  say a few words." Okay I said, so she started with the pixie dust and whispered "abracadabra and zoom zoom zoom  give Snowflake a cloud of snow to make her dreams come true." Then all of a sudden I had a stinking cloud over my head and I could go to the Bahamas right then. So I did and it was amazing to see and I didn't even melt or drip one bit.


    "Wow that must have been so cool" said Pepp. So the next day Pepp went to the hall of Fairy's to look up this fairy Auriella that her Grandmother had told her about. She looked and looked but could not find her in the archives. After a long search she found the fairies daughter Aurianna (Ahh-re-anna ).  She found out where Aurianna lived and journeyed there. When they met face to face Pepp asked her about this place called the Bahama's.  Pepp told her about  her dream to go there and how she would die if she could not get there (again she was a little dramatic).  Aurianna and her mother shared the same magic so gently Aurianna sprinkled the pixie dust and said " Make her cold and frozen and make her dreams come true and may she never melt no matter where she goes and may it pass down to her children and the next 300 generations."  Then there was a cloud of snow over her head just like her Grand-ma had said . The next week towards the middle of snow school break she went to the Bahamas with her Grand-ma and they had a great time. They got to go shopping, and they got to play with dolphins,  and got a great tan. The best part is that they spent time together, the best unexpected magic of all.

THE END !!!!

Friday, August 22, 2014


   I am apart of a 4-H club and this summer we had a local fair.  I went to 4-H day just to see what it was and it was pretty fun. We made tye-dye shirts, made slime (which was kinda gross) and we toured the animal barns. There was the Beef barn, Poultry barn, Swine barn, and the Rabbit barn. In the rabbit barn there was a lady named Kate and was selling baby bunnies for $5.00 a piece which was a great price considering that their father and mother received best of show awards in the fair. I went to go tell my Mom and talk her into it and she said yes. We picked one out then we took her home and then we went back to pay the lady. On the way back my Mom said "do you think the bunny would happier with her sister?" I said "yeah I think she would it would give her someone to play with." Then we adopted another bunny and paid the lady $10 for both bunnies. We now have Dolly and Dixie the brand new baby bunnies another new addition to the family. I sware there's more animals here than people !!!!!!! :)  


Lots of love, Christine Blue

Archie (my dog)

This guy is a great dog he's cuddly and very cute !!!!!!!!!!! 



  Do you remember Bandit my kitten?  (if not see my blog post) Well that's how we came to get Archie. When we went to pick up Bandit from the SPCA we saw Archie, so we took Bandit home and talked to my Dad and he said that we would think about it. A big MAYBE !!!! so to entice him even more we took him to see the dog at the SPCA to introduce them, Dad really liked him but said to keep thinking about him. Monday we thought he was a good  choice so we went to the SPCA and talked to the ladies, payed for him and took him home to be ours! and he is doing great :)
Archie and the cats 
   Watching Archie and the cats is hilarious they run around and around and around chasing each other and usually ends with the kitten Bandit attacking Archie and Smokey attacking Bandit so it looks like a big fur ball rolling around like a train.You can have a good pal like Archie or Bandit too. I encourage you to adopt to so you can give a animal a good home. :)

Well that's all I got to say about Archie thanks for reading!!!!!!!! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dish Gardens

   I will be posting and essay on my journey in learning to make Dish gardens along  with pictures of my finished 4-H project this evening. Please come back and visit my site to see my creation.

Many thanks, Christine Blue

Thursday, July 24, 2014

my new Kitten Bandit !!!!!! ( one of the best decisions I ever made)

Bandit sleeping soooo cute !!!!

Here he is with the ball of yarn I made him ( I would recommend buying one instead of making one it's really hard)

Soooo Cute


My New Kitten

   Bandit is the cutest thing ever. Bandit has a sad story though. I will start at the beginning. Bandit was found on the side of the road with his two brothers, they were only about 7 or 8 weeks old. So the A.S.P.C.A found him and took them in for adoption. One day when we were out and my Mama said "Hey do you want to stop by the A.S.P.C.A to see what they have for cats?"  I said "sure I'd love to" so we stopped by to see and of course we see Bandit (at the time his name was Ziggy). So we go home and talk my daddy in to maybe getting another cat and  he said "sure why not". The next day we went to pick him up. We took him home and set up his room and since then he has improved much and we all love him to death. Bandit now gets along well with our old cat Smokey and they play all day. Smokey and the Bandit, does that sound familiar ?

About the A.S.P.C.A

   Well if you are thinking "Awwwwwwwe that kitten is so cute I want one" then think about your local A.S.P.C.A. .There are so many kittens that need homes at your A.S.P.C.A so before saying "hey lets go get one for free on a farm" first think about the A.S.P.C.A in your area. They have so many animals for you to choose from for a pet. The ASPCA is a great place to adopt, volunteer, and learn new facts about keeping animals safe. The ASPCA's organization provides local and national leadership in three key area's: Caring for the animal until they get adopted, Providing positive outcomes through the family that is adopting and serving the victims (the animals) of animal cruelty. 

ASPCA at work

   The A.S.P.C.A  is a national leader in animal sheltering. The A.S.P.C.A works nationally to rescue animals from abuse, pass humane laws, and share resources and information with small national shelters.   


Meet your match (MYM) 

   If you are thinking about adopting after reading this and researching what kind of pet you may want then think about your choice and make sure it s the right choice for you. When it comes to adopting don't judge a book by it's cover (or pet by it's fur in this case). The ASPCA's Meet your match program helps you find the right one for you, but make sure the pet you choose can handle where you live. If you live on a farm any dog or cat will do because they will love all the space. But if you live in the city in an apartment a small lap dog or cat will be better for that kind of environment.

         Thanks for reading !!!!! 

Don't forget to support your local ASPCA

Love, Christine Blue