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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Hunting Trip With My Dad

        Today I went on a hunting trip with my Dad. I had to get up really early I didn't like that ,you know teenagers we don't like to get up before 9:30 or at least I don't :). We got at 6:30 or so and got all our long johns, socks, camouflage  pants, coats, and hats. Then we came down stairs and got some pop tarts and turkey sandwiches for lunch. and headed out at about 7:00 am (soooo early). To be honest I still wasn't all the way awake. We hopped in the Black Pearl (our black suburban we like to call it the black pearl). We made sure that we had everything 22 shot gun (Check !) Me and My Dad (Check!) lunch cooler (Check !) My hunting knife (Check !). We were all set, so we headed up to the state forest and looked for a spot to hunt. We found a spot and started walking and looking for squirrel nest and rabbits and every other small game animal we could find. While we were walking we saw some animal tracks like deer poop and deer tracks, turkey feathers, raccoon poop, and some squirrel nests. We walked for an hour or so and saw nothing ohh it was so disappointing. We found another place to hunt though, and we probably walked there for hour and a half or so, and saw two squirrels so that was pretty exciting. through out the whole day we saw lots of tracks from animals and saw two squirrels. Even though we didn't get to shot any squirrels or rabbits or anything, I had lots of fun with my dad, we got to spend lots of time together. It was so much fun to go out into God's creation and just enjoy it.
-Christine Blue

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  1. Hey--what a great memory! Josh dressed up last night as an old woman with a black cloak and used his "camo makeup" to do his face and carried a lantern thru the woods to scare all the kids on the compound. He was so eerie looking--not huntsmanlike at all--it was a hoot! Yu would have been spooked a little I'll bet!